Problems with Nanotechnology

There’s many problems and dangers involved with nanotechnology, as with everything else, but scientists are working hard to correct these problems before they are ever an issue. We have the top scientists in the world working on this and I’m sure they’ll think of something. This article will give a detailed explanation of some of the most horrible things that could happen once nanotechnology hits the market. Read each of these and see if you can come up with some solutions on your own. Who knows, maybe you’re the next Einstein and you don’t even know it!

Nanotechnology will definitely be used in warfare. For one thing, we won’t have any way of keeping track of who possesses nanotechnology and who doesn’t. Nuclear facilities are quite dangerous but at least we know who has nuclear weapons. With nanotechnology, countries will be able to wage war against each other without ever letting the enemy know who’s attacking them. Terrorists will also be able to harness nanites in order to perform some very deadly acts. Nanites will be used for survelliance in ways we’ve never dreamed of. Nanites will not only be able to get into computers and small crevices in rooms, but also within the human body itself. At any given time when a soldier is checking his mission report, nanites could be lurking in his body, reading everything that he reads. Some say that nanites will one day even be able to read your thoughts and transmit the information back to their original base through the use of wireless communication and even tapping into the Internet itself. Nanites will be like a virus that is controlled constantly by humans. We’re playing God and we’re playing with fire. It’s just a matter of time before we get burned.

Destabilization of the economy
As nanotechnology comes into being, the economy will quickly hit several major walls. If nanotechnology was suddenly released to the public as a finished project then no one would ever have to buy clothes, medicines, or many other products again because nanotechnology will present no use for such things. With such a large amount of product readily available so cheap, companies will have to adjust the ways they do business and they will have to market to people in a different way or face bankruptcy. Nanotechnology has been an ongoing project for the last decade or so and it’s almost finished. Once the major breakthroughs are in place, nanotechnology will be able to easily be implimented into almost any product or aspect of business. Nanotechnology must be given to the public in small amounts over time to allow for individuals and companies alike to react to it. If it were to suddenly be sprung on society, the resulting consequences would be devastating.

Grey Goo

The concept of grey goo is the the idea that the very existence of humanity and everything we know of to be deconstructed in order for nanites to build mass numbers of themselves. With space-age vehicles coming in the near future, nanites could even spread to other worlds and infect the entire galaxy. If you’ve ever seen the show Stargate SG-1, you’ll know of the infamous enemy, the Replicators. The Replicators are a race of robots that have long since gained a consciousness of their own. The Replicators have the ability to break apart into billions of tiny, individual robots, form into any shape that they want, craft their bodies around objects such as bullets, and they can also transfigure raw materials such as iron and copper into more nanites. They quickly spread out among the stars, creating more and more of themselves and leaving each location as empty and barren as the last. The only way to destroy Replicators is with an electromagnetic pulse generator that is eventually included in the show. While the Replicators are purely fiction, the idea of them could be a very real threat someday. I just hope that we’re prepared by time that happens.

Black Market Nanobots

Nanites will no doubt be sold on the black market as much, if not more, then on the open market. Black market nanites will be cheaper and more advanced and will be sold to very iffy people such as terrorists, serial killers, bank robbers, drunks, the inexperienced, and just pissed off people in general. With all of these nanites going around, being controlled by such a diverse group of people, the effects it has on society would be immeasurable and irreversible. Think about someone who has a grudge because some girl wouldn’t go out with him, so he grabs a vial of nanites off the black market and plots his revenge. He could easily get inside of her house, leave no fingerprints, send his nanites into her body to turn her insides to mush, and then retrieve the nanites as soon as the deed is done, leaving no evidence that he was even there. This is just a hypothetical way that nanites could be used but the danger is obviously there. We will have to come up with ways to control these things and to control the black market sales of nanites.

Nanotech Arms Race

A nanotech arms race will involve many different countries racing to see who can not only have nanites first but also who has better nanites. Countries love to compete and nanotechnology will be no exception. An arms race alone could potentially cause war to break out over superiority, although these types of races often trigger human ingenuity and inspires people to come up with some simply amazing forms of technology and explorations of science. With that in mind, perhaps this isn’t so much of a problem as it is a journey into the unknown. The concept of nanotechnology will usher in a new millenium of bright thinking, self exploration, and perhaps some answers to the longheld questions we have concerning life, the universe, and ourselves.

I hope this article has helped you to understand the dangers of nanotechnology. If you have a solution to any of these problems or can think of a few more problems of your own, submit them to .