What is Nanotechnology

A lot of people have been hearing about nanotechnology lately but not that many people really understand exactly what nanotechnology is and what it can do for our future. This article will briefly address several key things about nanotechnology. For a more complete tutorial, read through our other posts and you will see how nanotechnology will play a part in your near future.

What Is Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is a broad term that describes the use of nanites, also known as nanobots, which are extremely small robotic computers that can even fit inside of DNA. Because nanites are so small, thousands of them can easily fit inside of a human body in order to change molecular function and even carry medicine in extremely small amounts. Nanites are completely controlled by the programmer and can easily be shutoff and flushed out of the body. Of course, the body isn’t all that nanotechnology is used for.

What Is Nanotechnology Used For
Nanotechnology is used widely for many different things including medicine, biology, clothing, surveillance, warfare, research, and surgery, just to name a few. Below are several ways that nanotechnology will soon be used to enhance every corner of our lives and completely revolutionize the way we see the world.


Nanotechnology will be used in medicine to deliver vaccines, do surgery, and analyze the body. Instead of cutting a person open to see what’s wrong with them or why someone died, we will be able to implement nanites to travel through the body and determine any errors. Nanites will also be used to clean up toxic chemicals and even repair the body. The breakthroughs in medicine that will come as a result of nanotechnology will be simply astounding.

Nanotechnology will change our biology in ways that we can’t even comprehend. It will enhance our senses, repair damaged tissue, and even create new tissue. Sometime in the near future, the average man be expect to lift a thousand pounds with ease. We will be able to see farther, hear better, and pick up smells that we are completely oblivious to today. Have you ever seen a dog all of a sudden get up and run to the end of the yard and bark as loud as possible for no reason and then minutes later see a semi truck drive by? That’s because dogs have amazing senses that alert them to their surroundings while we don’t even know what’s going on. With nanotechnology, our senses will be so powerful that we will feel like supermen.

Nanotechnology will revolutionize the clothing industry. Clothes will someday be completely waterproof, stainproof, fireproof, and every other kind of proof that you can think of. Clothes will not wrip; they will not get damaged, they will never lose their color. A shirt that you buy today would look and feel exactly the same for decades and, perhaps, even longer. Whether this will cripple the clothing industry or make it better, that’s up for personal opinion.

Dangers of Nanotechnology
There’s several crucial dangers in the field of nanotechnology that concern many people worldwide. This section of the article will help a dress a few of these dangers and how we are trying to prepare ourselves against them. Scientists are working hard to make sure that these dangers don’t become a reality and politicians are working alongside them to understand how nanotechnology will effect our society.

Grey Goo
Many are afraid that nanites will use their biological material in order to create more nanites. While there are many safeguards put in place to keep this from happening, an artificial intelligence program within the nanites might one day come into reality and that could be potentially dangerous for the entire human population. With hackers constantly creating new self-replicating computer viruses as a hobby, the world may see some pretty devastating outcomes.

Nanotechnology will be used in warfare among different countries, the same as any new technology. The problem with nanotechnology in war, however, is that nanofactories are too small to keep track of which means that any country could possibly harness this technology and no one would be able to know who has nanotechnology and who doesn’t. While nuclear warfare is easily overuled thanks to the idea of mutual destruction, nanotechnology could be used to specifically target certain people without harming the land or people around that target.

As I pointed out earlier, hackers love to play with new technology. Nanotechnology will no doubt be involved with hackers’ playtime which could make a lot of crazy things happen. For starters, hackers could reprogram nanites to strip away the metal in vaults. They could also program nanites to kill people or record passwords. There’s no telling what hackers will be able to do once they get their hands on nanotechnology so we must be prepared for any and all possibilities. It’s a scary world we’re living in, folks, scary, scary, scary.

I hope this article has helped you to understand nanotechnology a little. Look for our other articles to get a more in-depth perspective of everything that relates to nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is going to be a trickly field but if we can come together as human beings, the potential benefits are completely astounding. One thing is true: nanotechnology will have a huge effect on our lives, one way or another. The question is, will those effects be positive or negative? That’s all for now. Have a great day and a pleasant exploration of nanotechnology.